You're Completely Lost When It Comes To Setting Up A Google Ad Campaign

Let's face it, you’re scared of ever touching Google Ads out of fear that you’ll just bleed money. You're worried you'll end up over paying for clicks without anything to show for it. You're completely lost when it comes to keywords and how to manage negative keywords.

Hell, you're aren't even quite sure what negative keywords are or what the difference is between modified broad match and phrase match. Then there's the whole 'conversion tracking' ordeal that has you pulling your hair out. How are you supposed to properly track your return on investment? How do you improve your return on investment over time?

It's all just too complex and you have so many choices to make even before getting your first click from the campaign. And if you don’t set up your campaign quite right, it could easily cost you thousands of dollars (or more) over time.

I remember how intimidated I used to be from Google Ads before learning its quirks and inner-workings. Of course, back then it was called Adwords but it’s all the same beast today just with a new slick user-interface that many are actually struggling to navigate.

There was just so much contradicting information on the internet that I felt completely lost and helpless.

You probably have the same exact feeling in your gut right now as I did. Completely paralyzed out of fear of losing money. You know it’s possible to leverage Google Ads to grow your business wildly, but you don’t know where to start or who to trust!

I was in your exact shoes until I decided to learn it the hard way, by blowing a bunch of my money on Google Ads. Trial and error baby!

Fortunately, you won't have to do that as I'm about to show you what I learned!

What if you knew exactly how to setup and optimize a Google Search Ad campaign to maximize profits? Imagine knowing exactly how to turn a poor performing Google Ad campaign around and make it profitable again.

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Imagine having the power to finally leverage Google Ads to grow you and your client’s business.

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Depending on what product or service you're offering, you can very quickly recoup your $17 investment, and then some. I'm confident you'll do a lot better than that if you just follow the advice laid out in Google Ad Advantage. So you have to ask yourself, 'What am I waiting for!?'.

Manage Google Ad Campaigns Like A Pro

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Success Stories

"Steve Longoria did achieve great results for our company at a very low cost per lead. We ran a campaign where we spent about $4,708.89 on Google Ads. On average, those new customers will stay on board for about a year. $700/mo is what we earn on average per customer."

- Ryan Steinolfson,
Accelerate Marketing Inc.

"The information you gave us has helped us tremendously. We've run some on FB but mainly google and have sold over 60 kits just last week."

- Eric Colburn,

"Steve not only helped me optimize my Google Adwords campaigns, but successfully resolved some of my website’s email / HTML issues too! He’s been nothing but helpful, and I recommend him to any of my friend! Thanks for being’ awesome Steven!"

- Nate Wood,
Stahman Guitars

About Me

Hi, I’m Steve Longoria! I have 10+ years of experience as a digital business consultant.

I use a 3-prong attack to maximize my client’s return on investment; increasing website traffic, optimizing conversion rates and increasing resell & referral opportunities with existing customers.

I currently reside in the great Pacific Northwest where I enjoy biking and hiking whenever I'm not in front of the computer. My favorite business books are Rework, Ogilvy On Advertising and Badass: Making Users Awesome, just to name a few.